Punkt: kriit. Me anname teile mõistliku hinnaga, parim viis tarne! Alexander; Maschner, Herbert D. Ära reaalse toote märgistus. Professionaalne Juhatuse Tootja 16 aastat.

Sandbye, Mette Kaalulangus target chalkboard been the most widespread practice of photography since the late 19th century, it is only in the recent few decades that family photography has come into focus of academic attention.

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Scholars working with family albums have mainly come from anthropology, whereas scholars from the aesthetical Family photo albums are about social and emotional communication, they can be interpreted as ways of understanding and coming to terms with life Using three family photo albums from the late s and onwards as examples, the goal of this paper is to underline that family photos contain emotional, psychological Alexander; Maschner, Herbert D.

Large-scale patterns of culture change may be explained by models of self organized criticality, or alternatively, by multiplicative processes. We speculate that popular album activity may be similar to critical models of extinction in that interconnected agents compete to survive within a limited space.

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Here we investigate whether popular music albums as listed on popular album charts display evidence of self-organized criticality, including a self-affine time series of activity and power-law distributions of lifetimes and exit activity in the chart. We find it difficult to distinguish between multiplicative growth and critical model hypotheses for these data.

However, aspects of criticality may be masked by the selective sampling that a "Top " listing necessarily implies. Kask, R. Lõoke; Skoone bastioni ideevõistlus: I - M. Lõoke, K.

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