Keiti Kljavin is urbanist and member of board at Linnalabor. Is there a fear that the role of a connector that has been earned the hard way in the past ten years will drop to the ground and will be picked up by someone else, or does the root of the problem lie in some kind of special Baltic order? Transitioning into the market economy also meant the birth of a new planning system. I bought an ugly, no-jiggle bra, and you didn't even notice. Kaks linna — kaks projekti.

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She used to go around with no bra. Varem käis ta ringi ilma rinnahoidjata.

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I bought an ugly, no-jiggle bra, and you didn't even notice. Ostsin ühe koleda rabelemiskõlbmatu rinnahoidja ja te isegi ei märganud seda. I think I just sewed my scarf to my bra. Ma arvan, et õmblesin oma salli lihtsalt rinnahoidja külge.

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How long does it take to find a bra? Kui kaua võtab aega rinnahoidja leidmine?

This was also the first time that the three Baltic states had been invited, but the decision to take part was not an easy one — local businessmen feared that the investment would not pay off. However, after year-long discussions, it was decided that their participation was a matter of national importance and funds were found for a temporary pavilion and exhibition that mostly focused on applied art. The magnificent Baltic pavilion won many awards and plaudits, and for the first time, at least according to the local press, it was possible to show the three small states as unique and non-Russian. The next major joint efforts by the Baltic States were born from the initiative of smaller active groups, and were spurred by the need to show the strength of their peoples under conditions where their states no longer existed: for example, by creating the Baltic University in exile a joint university for Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians in a German refugee camps, in operation between andor by joining hands and standing in a line to achieve the restoration of independence. This unity in times of trouble helped us: in the early s, we became Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania again, without any affixes, and had the chance to go our own way — Estonia to the north, Lithuania to the south, Latvia… to the west?

I'm even wearing this bra because of a lingerie store Lily told me about. Ma kannan seda rinnahoidjat isegi pesupoe pärast, millest Lily mulle rääkis. Did you just unhook my bra again?

Ates, Louis S. Most of these proteins are transported by the different type VII secretion systems1,2. The most recently evolved type VII secretion system, ESX-5, secretes dozens of substrates belonging to the PE and PPE families, which are named for conserved proline and glutamic acid residues close to the amino terminus3,4.

Kas sa lihtsalt tõmbasid mu rinnahoidja jälle lahti? Copy Report an error And when the work is done, that vile ogre drags me to his bed and fumbles with my bra strap until he gets frustrated and kaalulangus imelikud napunaited me to do it.

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Ja kui töö on tehtud, lohistab see labane ogre mind oma voodisse ja askeldab mu rinnahoidjarihmaga, kuni saab pettunud ja palub mul seda teha. Hey, Adam, I heard she tied you down with her sports bra. Hei, Adam, ma kuulsin, kuidas ta sind spordirinnahoidjaga kinni sidus. I thought you were gonna ask me how to unhook a bra or something.

Arvasin, et küsid minult, kuidas rinnahoidjat lahti võtta või midagi sellist. Those were featured last week by Nicole Richie, actually in a bra.

Neid esitas eelmisel nädalal Nicole Richie, tegelikult rinnahoidjana.

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Copy Report an error So lose your lingerie, let your yabbos go and take a look at our favorite celebrity bra-free or seemingly bra-free moments for National No Bra Day. Nii et kaotage pesu, laske oma yabbosse minna ja vaadake meie lemmikkuulsusi rinnahoidjavaba või näiliselt rinnahoidjavaba mo korraldab riiklikku rinnahoidjate päeva.

Ooh, colder than a witch's nip in a brass bra. Oeh, külmem kui nõia nipp messingist rinnahoidjas.

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A black-lace bra was the only article of clothing found; the woman also had a folding alarm clock. Ainsana leiti rõivaid mustast pitsist rinnahoidja; naisel kaalulangus hambaravi ka kokkuklapitav äratuskell. The company produces the Speedform shoe in a Chinese bra factory.

Ettevõte toodab Speedformi kingi Hiina rinnahoidjatehases.

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In sport, a male bra is often used by sporting clubs to evaluate players with real-time statistics. Spordis kasutavad spordiklubid meessoost rinnahoidjat mängijate reaalajas statistika hindamiseks. Two design challenges that bra manufacturers face at present seem paradoxical. Kaks disainiprobleemi, millega rinnahoidjatootjad praegu silmitsi seisavad, tunduvad paradoksaalsed.

Copy Report an error Take away his saffron dress, his tiara, his girly shoes and purple laces, his bra, his Greek harp, take away his shameless behavior and his sex crime, fat burning episood hai tank Clodius is suddenly revealed as a democrat. Võtke ära tema safranikleit, tiara, tüdrukute kingad ja lillad paelad, rinnahoidja, kreeka harf, võtke ära tema häbematu käitumine ja seksuaalkuritegu ning Clodius paljastub ootamatult demokraadina.

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Copy Report an error In most instances of fat-graft breast augmentation, the increase is of modest volume, usually only one bra cup size or less, which is thought to be the physiological limit allowed by the metabolism of the human body. Enamikul rasvasiirdamisega seotud rindade suurendamise juhtudest on suurenemine mõõdukas, tavaliselt ainult ühe rinnahoidja tassi suurus või vähem, mis arvatakse olevat inimkeha metabolismi poolt lubatud füsioloogiline piir.

German rapper Capital Bra released a German-language version of the song with added rap verses in March Saksa räppar Capital Bra andis laulu saksakeelse versiooni koos lisatud räpp-salmidega välja märtsis Copy Report an error A version reappeared as a lingerie garment in the late s, featuring a bra top and attached slip, to wear under short, shift dresses, and replace half slips. In the s, like other garment makers, bra manufacturers moved production offshore.

A fashion top teddy combines a thong or T-front thong panty, bra and fashion top. Moodne top-teddy ühendab nahkrihma või T-esiosaga sukkpüksid, rinnahoidja ja moetopi. According to Life magazine, in Herminie Cadolle of France invented the first modern bra.

Ajakirja Life andmetel leiutas prantslane Herminie Cadolle The s brought two large design changes to the bra.

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A blonde hard-core jogger dressed in tight magenta shorts and a much-tested white sports bra jogged by his car. Tema autoga sörkiti tihedatesse magenta-lühikestesse lühikestesse dressidesse blond ja kõvasti proovitud valge spordirinnahoidja. They just come in different hair colors and bra sizes. Neil on lihtsalt erinevad juuksevärvid ja rinnahoidja suurused.

His hands found my bra strap and undid it.

fat burning episood hai tank 3 paeva kaalulangus mahlade retseptid

Ta käed leidsid mu rinnahoidja rihma ja lõid selle lahti. Copy Report an error Women typically wear the dirac, which is a long, light, diaphanous voile dress made of cotton or polyester that is worn over a full-length half-slip and a bra.

Tavaliselt kannavad naised diraci, mis on pikk, hele, diafüünne puuvillast või polüestrist kleit, mida kantakse täispika poolsiibu ja rinnahoidja kohal. Copy Report an error Inactress Cassandra Peterson fat burning episood hai tank famous for her character Elvira, who achieved her trademark cleavage wearing a Lili St.

Cyr deep plunge bra. Aastalnäitleja Cassandra Peterson sai kuulsaks tema iseloomu Elvira, kes saavutasid oma kaubamärgi dekoltee seljas Lili St. Cyr sügav sukelduda rinnahoidja.